Roads to Gettysburg

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This is the third game in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series. It covers the battle of Gettysburg.

Roads to Gettysburg is the third volume in Avalon Hill's series on the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War. Unlike most Civil War simulations, which portray specific battles, Roads to Gettysburg concentrates on the entire three-week campaign that led to the great struggle at Gettysburg. The Union player's objective is to defeat the Rebel army and push it back to Virginia. The goal of the Confederate player is to maintain control over the rich agricultural regions of Pennsylvania.

Roads to Gettysburg is easy to learn and several scenarios can be played to completion in about an hour. The two beautiful game maps, which are based on original Civil War period maps in state and county archives, portray Maryland and Pennsylvania as they were in the summer of 1863, including roads, turnpikes, railroads, rivers, mountains, cities, and villages. In the game, players control Union and Confederate military units in turns representing one day of real time.
The game's interactive system of play assures that each scenario will be unpredictable, exciting, and competitive. An extensive historical article, detailing the day-to-day activities of the actual campaign, is included in the game.

You do not need to own Stonewall Jackson's Way or Here Come the Rebels! to play Roads to Gettysburg.
Note: Owners of those games can join their maps to the Roads to Gettysburg maps to portray the eastern theatre of the Civil War from Fredericksburg, Virginia to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

2 Counter Sheets
2 22"x32" Mapsheets
1 Rules Booklet
1 Charts and Tables Card
2 Display Cards
1 Ammunition Pad
2 6-Sided Dice
1 Counter Tray

Time Scale: One day per turn
Map Scale: One mile per hex
Unit Scale: Divisions and brigades (with corps leaders)
Players: One, two, or teams
Playing Time: One hour for introductory scenarios, 2 to 14 hours for other scenarios

Designed by Joseph M. Balkoski.