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Ginormopod 2050 A.D.: Attack of the Giant Bug Monsters




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Product Description

Theme:      Sci Fi      Family Games      1 to 2 Players      Back to School Sale     

GASP! at a startling vision of the world yet to come!

CHEER! for the brave people of tomorrow fighting a desperate struggle for survival!

SCREAM! at uncanny creatures too horrifying to describe, the children of the nuclear age who now wish to claim our dying planet as their unholy birthright!

As waters and temperatures rise, and coastlines sink, gigantic insects sweep across the western United States. The only thing holding them back is the Fusion Fence built along the mighty Mississippi. But will it buy us enough time to complete work on the anti-mutagen – humanity's last hope?

Ginormopod 2050 A.D.: Attack of the Giant Bug Monsters is a retro-futuristic treat, presenting a 2050 as it might have been imagined by Hollywood a hundred years earlier. The proven design team of Ryan Heilman and Dave Shaw (Brave Little Belgium, White Eagle Defiant) has returned with another action-packed game. One player controls American forces and their allies, choosing carefully where to defend, when to fall back, and how to counterattack. Their resources are limited, and every decision has a cost. Their opponent controls the Swarm, throwing an endlessly respawning supply of mutated ants, spiders, and worms, brought to life by the delightful illustrations of Wil Alambre.



  • 22x17-inch map
  • 107 counters
  • 12-page rulebook
  • Player's Aid
  • 8 wooden cubes
  • 8 six-sided dice


Game Design: Ryan Heilman and Dave Shaw

Hex Number: 70

Duration: 60 minutes

Players: 2

Solitaire Suitability: High

Theme: Science Fiction

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