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Hollow Cell




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Product Description

Theme:      Sci Fi      Reduced to Clear     


The distant reaches of space hold a planet that is the subject of the Hedonix Empire’s horror stories! The whispered tales of this planet’s war games frighten children, are used to threaten criminals, and will sway tyrants. The horrible truth is that this planet has become the last hope of the empire.

As the varied species struggle to co-exist, the challenges on this planet may not stem an all out war. It is here that we land to take up the torch of fighting for our species...the planet wide arena of Hollow Cell!

Hollow Cell is an easy to play, fast paced, arena game designed by Garrett Herdter. Play as one of 18 unique warrior races. Draw a hand of Vault cards to either equip on your character or play to damage your opponent. Roll dice both in defense and offense while you dodge deadly planet-wide events sent by the Hedonix watchers to speed up the match.

Take cover in buildings and raid forgotten equipment caches of weapons and armor to best your opponents in this free-for-all battle where only the most skilled combatant will survive to claim victory!


Hollow Cell Includes:

  • Over 80 Vault Cards
  • Six War Engine Cards
  • Six Reference Cards
  • Eighteen Unique Warrior Cards
  • Twenty One Sudden Event Cards
  • Ten D6 Dice
  • Thirty-Five Wound Cards
  • Twelve Charge Cards
  • One Cache Card
  • One Manual
  • One Box

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