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Star Fury: Genesis




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Theme:      Sci Fi      Pre-Order      2 Players     

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Star Fury: Genesis (SFG) is a two-player game of star ship combat between fleets. The game includes nine scenarios that take players through key events in several wars waged between humans and two hostile species. These wars take place over the course of several decades about one hundred years in the future, against a backdrop of a larger conflict waged among ancient alien adversaries.

SFG also provides all of the tools required to conduct custom battles with fleets of military starships. The game includes an array of technologies from the first time humans encounter a hostile alien species through the subsequent two or three decades. The game allows players to engage with task forces composed of dozens of vessels and to resolve the action in less than two hours. SFG includes a ship design system providing players a framework to build and field ships from virtually any science fiction genre. After mastering the mechanics of the game, players are encouraged to move beyond the scenarios and use the system to play out fleet engagements from their favorite science fiction movies, books, and television series. Players may wish to play as teams of two or more if playing a large, custom scenario.


Game action is represented by use of cardboard markers, called counters. Each counter represents a single starship, base, fighter wing, missile volley, or planet. Constructs, such as ships and bases, are collectively referred to as units. The map represents a small region of space and is composed primarily of a grid of hexagons, called hexes, used to regulate movement and range between units and other map features.

The game is played in a series of tactical turns, each representing several minutes. Hexes represent areas of space several thousand kilometers across. These representations are left somewhat vague to adjust for technological advancements between scenarios, and allow players to adapt the game system to different science fiction sources.

Reaction System:

SFG uses One Small Step's Reaction System. This is a game resolution mechanic designed around the idea that when your forces try to do something, they succeed unless the adversary does something to hinder the effort. The main idea is that a player does not roll a die when taking an action. The player controlling the target may be in a position to stop or mitigate the action, and if so, may choose to take the mitigating course. This course may afford a die roll, like a saving throw, or some other benefit to the defending or target object.


One 16-Page Rule Book
One 8-Page Technology Guide
One 16-Page Scenario Guide
One Fleet Pad
Three Full-Size, Double-Sided Die Cut Counter Sheets
One 22" x 34" Map
Two 6-Sided Dice

Game Design: Michael Anderson

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