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Attack! plus Expansion




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Excellent condition

The basic game (Attack!) is a very simple game of expansion and conflict set in the World War 2 era. It is aimed at those game players who enjoy rules that are very simple and easy to get into. The game is not intended to be a simulation of the era, but immerses the players in the flavor of the period.

Each player starts with a few regions (one of which is his capital), and a few military units. Players expand their power bases by adding regions to their "sphere of influence". This may be done either through diplomacy (they join willingly), or military conquest (they join, period).

There are three major sub-games in Attack!:
1) Land Combat: A simple system where each unit has certain advantages based on its historical role.

2) Sea Combat: A simple system where each ship type (Battleship, Carrier, Destroyer, and Sub) has certain advantages based on its historical role.

3) Economic: A simple system determines production. The player starts with one card per region owned, and then gets a new one for each new region added. The cards come in four basic flavors (suites): Resources, Factories, Transport Network, and Oil. Each card has a value printed on it that represents the base economic value of that region. If the player is able to create an entire "set" (one of each suite), he doubles the printed value on those cards. There is also a fifth type of card which has a minimum value of "1" that represents a region without any special economic value (just "population").

The units include: Infantry, Tank, Artillery, and Air. These are high quality plastic minis, which come in two sizes: regular for only one unit and slightly larger for groups of five.
The map shows the world circa 1935 centered around the Atlantic (North and South America, Europe, and Africa). The expansion contains the map of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

Parts Manifest:

  • Game board (Western Hemisphere)
  • Rule book (24 pages)
  • 6 sets of 113 pieces each in red, deep blue, dark green, grey, tan, taupe (infantry, tanks, artillery, planes, one capital)
    • 42 Infantry pieces (37 normal and 5 large)
    • 25 Artillery pieces (20 normal and 5 large)
    • 25 Tank pieces (20 normal and 5 large)
    • 20 Airplane pieces (15 normal and 5 large)
    • 1 Capital piece
  • 8 red battle six-sided dice (sides show infantry, tank, artillery, plane, plane, blank)
  • 2 blue regular six-sided dice
  • 54 Economics Cards
    • Factories (4×1, 3×2, 2×3, 2×4)
    • Minerals (4×1, 3×2, 2×3, 2×4)
    • Oil (4×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4)
    • Population (8×1)
    • Rail Transport (4×1, 3×2, 2×3, 2×4)
  • 54 Navy cards
    • 12 Aircraft Carriers
    • 12 Battleships
    • 15 Destroyers
    • 15 Submarines

Attack!: Expansion adds quite a bit of detail while retaining playability. Players will be able to choose from many new options including (They will get 3 per turn): Moving Military Units, Playing Political Cards, Attempting a Diplomatic Blitz, Beginning a Trade Route Auction, Purchasing Units, Researching a New Technology, Trading with another Player, or a Strategic Move (Land, Sea, or Air).

Politics: Each player nation and each minor nation will have one of the four political affiliations: Fascist, Monarchy, Democracy, or Communism. Political cards will allow the players to influence the minor nations governments with propaganda, or even overthrow them in an attempt to install a friendly government that they can then influence to join their "sphere". Other diplomatic cards will allow players to spy on each other or perform various internal political actions.

Trade Routes: Players will be able to bid on Trade Route cards. The highest bidder gets the card. Trade cards act just like any other economic card, except they are "wild cards" and may be used to create sets. They also usually have higher than normal economic values. The downside to Trade Route cards is that they may be blocked or destroyed by blockades or Submarine warfare.

Technology: After the initial expansion, players usually begin to build alliances and the wars begin. Having a technology that gives you an advantage on the battlefield is critical. Players may spend an action (and money) attempting to develop a special technology.

Oil: Oil also takes on its historical importance in Attack!: Expansion. Every time a player moves tank, air, or naval units, they must spend oil units from their reserve. The oil reserve may only be replenished when oil cards are used to do so rather than used in a player's economy that turn.

Parts Manifest:

  • Game board (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Rule book (20 pages)
  • 6 sets of 60 pieces each in red, deep blue, dark green, grey, tan, taupe (submarines, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers)
    • 16 Destroyers
    • 24 Submarines
    • 10 Battleships
    • 10 Aircraft Carriers
  • 90 government type counters
  • 48 Economics Cards
    • Factories (2×1, 3×2, 2×3, 1×4)
    • Minerals (2×1, 3×2, 2×3, 1×4)
    • Oil (2×1, 3×2, 2×3, 1×4)
    • Population (6×1)
    • Rail Transport (2×1, 3×2, 2×3, 1×4)
    • Trade Route (2×3, 3×4, 3×5, 2×6)
  • 24 Technology cards (all different)
  • 72 Political Action cards
    • 3 Assassin
    • 3 Counter Espionage
    • 4 Coup!
    • 1 Double Agent
    • 1 Embargo
    • 1 Free Elections
    • 1 Leader Assassinated
    • 2 Master Spy
    • 1 Master Spy Ring
    • 2 Military Aid to Minor Neutral
    • 3 Military Parade
    • 3 Naval Building Program (one each: Battleship, Destroyer, Submarine)
    • 2 Partisans
    • 5 Political Upheaval
    • 4 Production Drive (1 artillery, 1 air, 2 tank)
    • 7 Propaganda
    • 2 Propaganda Posters
    • 2 Radio Address
    • 1 Revolt!
    • 2 Sabotage
    • 4 Secret Treaty
    • 4 Spy
    • 2 Spy Ring
    • 4 Support Minor Neutral
    • 1 Technology Initiative
    • 4 Threaten to Invade
    • 3 War Bonds
  • Stack of Production Point and Oil Reserve Certificates (paper money)

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