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Combined Arms

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Good condition punched copy, although the maps have been damaged due to being previously mounted.

Strategy & Tactics No.46 Sep-Oct 1974

GAME: Combined Arms (J.Dunnigan, R.Simonsen)

COMBINED ARMS is a tactical game that simulates modern warfare from the German Invasion of Poland in 1939 to the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The correct and proper interrelationship of the three basic combat arms; armor, infantry and artillery are explored. Med complex, 200 counters, 2 players, 1+ hours.


Combinded Arms - S.Patrick
- Combat Operations in the 20th Century

Patrol - D.Isby
- Modern Infantry Tactics, 1914-74

Sackson on Games - S.Sackson

Footnotes - M.Markowitz

StarForce Game Notes - R.Simonsen, J.Young
- Players notes, Designers notes

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