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Command Magazine - Game Only (Desert Storm: The Mother of All Battles)

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Desert Storm A

Product Description

Theme:      Other C20      Pre-Owned      Punched      1 to 2 Players     

Good Condition Punched Copy. 

This game is a one or two-player operational simulation of the Gulf War. It focuses almost exclusively on the Coalition ground war that liberated Kuwait and shattered the occupying Iraqi army.

The game includes a 22" x 34" hex map of the significant terrain in the Kuwaiti Theatre of Operations, 192 counters, and 20 pages of rules, charts, and tables.

Rules are split into both a basic and an advanced game. There are separate rules for solitaire play.

The U.S./Coalition player must completely liberate Kuwait to have a chance to win.

If Kuwait is liberated within 12 game turns, the player who has gained the most 'points' in inflicting losses on their opponent, wins.

The Coalition player must be aggressive in order to completely clear Iraqi units from all Kuwaiti cities, towns, oilfields, and airfields, otherwise the Iraqi player will win.

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