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General Magazine - Across Five Aprils

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Very Good Condition Copy.

SEP-OCT 1995

Across 5 Aprils – “Curtis' Victory - Union Strategy for Pea Ridge” (Strategy) Charles Bahl

Across 5 Aprils – “Civil War Battlefield Tactics in ACROSS FIVE APRILS” (Strategy) Thomas L. Boeche

The Civil War – “The Battle Hymn of the Republic - Union Strategy” (Strategy) Peter J. Walsh

The Civil War – “A Fabian Strategy for THE CIVIL WAR - Southern Strategy” (Strategy) Kevin Kiconas

The Civil War – “The Initial Turn of THE CIVIL WAR - Command Priorities” (Strategy) K. S. Reid

Glory - "Halleluiah! A Guide for GMT's GLORY" (Strategy) Charles Bahl

Atlantic Storm - "Who Shuffled This Deck? Improving at ATLANTIC STORM" (Analysis) Ben Knight

Series Replay - History of the World "Part 2" George Sauer and Bud's Basement Wargamers

Series Replay - Successors (second edition) "The Taking of Pella 1-2-3" William Glankler, etal.

Successors (second edition) – Faction cards and counters (Counter Insert)

Wrasslin' - (Form Insert)

Advanced Squad Leader – “Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell - ASL Scenario G46” (Insert Scenario) AH Staff

Advanced Squad Leader – “The Defense of Luga - ASL Scenario W” (Insert Scenario) AH Staff

Wrasslin' - "A Sports Special - Do Your Own" (Variant) Dan Dolan

Title Bout - "A Sports Special - Saved by the Bell Tournament Rules" (Variant) Terry Coleman

Advanced Squad Leader - "Chestnuts of Iron The Defense of Luga" (Analysis) Jim Stahler

Zone of Control Nr12

Rossyïa 1917 (Review) Rick D. Stuart

Sam Grant (Review) John D. Kisner

Leuthen: Frederick's Greatest Victory (Review) John A. Walker

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