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General Magazine - Ceasar's Legions

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General Vol.13, No.3 Sep-Oct 1976
FEATURE: Ceasar's Legions

- Contest 73 (Russian Campaign)


Furor Teutonicus [CL] T.Hilton

Initial Impressions of Russian Campaign D.Miller

Another Man's View Of The Russian Campaign R.Hamblen

Just One More Hex...
- Forced March Tables [1776] R.Jarvinen

Basic Probability For War At Sea
- At Sea With The Fuzzy Wuzzy Formula R.Hamblen

Design Analysis
- Kingmaker Development Notes M.Uhl

Panzerblitz, 1941 R.Cruz
- Situations 1-5

Series Replay
- Midway M.Uhl, D.Greenwood, T.Hilton

Stalingrad: The Finnish Front M.Saha

A Question Of Balance J.Stahler

More French Alternatives [F40] P.Kosnett
- Three France 1940 Scenarios
- Allied Order of Battle Alternative No. 12

Question Box
- Battle Of The Bulge, The Russian Campaign

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