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Theme:      WW2      Andy's Picks      Partly Punched      2 Players      DTP (Desk Top Published)     

Partly punched copy in very good condition

This game is part of Excalibre’s PANZER BATTLES AND SIEGE SERIES (PBSS). The games in this series features a common four (4) page series rulebook and generally a four (4) page game specific rulebook, of which one page is the cover. The games of this series feature simple rules that are a quick study and low counter density. Most games feature step reduction and have substitute counters included in the counter mix.

CAEN 1944 features an 11x17 map and 100 counters. The units are divisions with some brigade/regiments. Several units have step reduction.

From the rules introduction:
After the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944, the main concern of Eisenhower was to expand the bridgehead and bring in supplies and new units. Ike thought Montgomery should have made more rapid progress in his attacks on Caen. One thing slowing down the British and Canadians was the preponderant numbers of SS and regular Panzer divisions facing the British along the Caen position.

Turning slow progress into a partial tactical victory, Montgomery held down this large German armoured strength while the Americans broke out on the other flank and cut off a large number of German troops in what became known as the ‘Falaise Pocket.’ In this game the Allied objective is to accomplish what Montgomery did only much sooner. The Axis objective is to stop the Allies in their tracks and destroy Montgomery's army group.

From the design notes:
Caen is truly siege warfare with Panzer and armoured divisions leading the siege. The massive number of German Panzer and SS divisions employed at Caen were able to stop Monty cold for weeks.

This game uses a very complex sequence of play to bring in all the elements of the campaign.

In general, the SS was usually better equipped and stronger than a comparable Whermacht(sic) unit. Some SS units in this game are weaker than one would expect, this was due to the immense difficulty in reaching the front intact and because of Allied air harassment or they were being rebuilt when thrown into the campaign.

Caen helped the Allies tie the Germans down, but it would have been an even bigger victory for them if Monty had reached Falaise sooner. Now it's your turn to try or try to stop him.

By today’s games standards the complex sequence of play referred to in the design notes is a very relaxing stroll in the park.

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