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Supercharge: Battle of El Alamein, October 1942 (Folio Edition)




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Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Punched      1 to 2 Players     

Very good punched copy, content is in great condition

 Supercharge is one of the four Folio games included in North Africa Quad, but also sold separately.

Supercharge covers several battles around El Alamein in North Africa in 1942. In fact there are three scenarios:

  • 1. Battle of Alam Halfa: A short offensive by the Afrika Korps attempting to push east (8 game turns).
  • 2. Battle of El Alamein: The first British attack on the German line near El Alamein (15 turns).
  • 3. Operation Supercharge: The big offensive that brokethrough the German lines and routed the Africa Korps (7 turns).

The components consist of the following: a 'Standard' Rules fold-out 'sheet'(about 3-Full pages) for the game series; an 'Exclusive' Rules sheet(1-page); a 4-COLOR paper Mapsheet-(17" by 22"); a set of cardboard counters(around 120). Players must provide their OWN 6-sided DIE prior to play.

On the Mapsheet are the Turn Record Track, a Terrain Key, and the set-up locations for the Units of both the 'Campaign' & 'Sidi Rezegh' games. Overall, the COLOR of the Mapsheet is WHITE with BLUE-(Water/Sea, Allied 'Fortified Box', Minefield Hex-sides), BROWN-(Rough), Light GRAY-(Broken), & Dark BROWN-(Roads, Trails). The Area encompassed by this Mapsheet is the coastal road and areas south centered on El Alamein, and Alam Halfa Ridge.

The game counters are TAN-with BLACK print for Germans, TAN-with GREEN print for Italians, GREEN with BLACK print for British. Game scale is given as 1.7 Miles across each hex, each Turn represents 1-Day, and Units range in size from Battalion up to Brigade level.

One unique thing of Supercharge is that the supply rules in the standard rules game are ignored completely.


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