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Tatchanka: Ukraine: 1919-21 (1977)




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Good condition punched copy

Tatchanka - Ukraine, 1919-21 is a strategic simulation of one of the last parts of the Russian Civil War, the three-year struggle in the Ukraine after World War I.




- One 22x34" black and white map, covering the area from Kharkov in the north, Taganrog in the east, Perekop in the south to Kiev/Odessa in the west.


- One 8-page brown and white rules booklet


- One 11x17" black and white play accessory sheet


- 201 die-cut 1/2" counters:


89 Reds (black on red), 14 Makhnovists (red on black), 32 Ukrainian Nationalists (black on white), 51 Whites (blue on white), 6 French (black on blue), 5 Greek (black on light blue), 4 blanks (red)


The inside of the play accessory chart contains nine charts and tables and the outside forms the cover the artwork of which is reproduced at the start of this article on the previous page (hand-drawn illustration of two Makhnovists firing a machine gun from a horse-drawn Tatchanka). Only 200 copies were printed making this a very rare game.

Self published by Jim Bumpas


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