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The Last Stand: Operation Berlin 1945




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Please note that this is a DTP (Desk Top Publishing) game designed on a desktop computer and all components, including the counters which will have to be cut and mounted, are printed on cardboard.

The Last Stand is an operational game on the fighting between the Oder River and Berlin in the last months of the war in Europe. There is a campaign game beginning in February, a scenario beginning in April, and a short scenario covering just the end of the campaign.

The map consists of five 11"x17" sections and there are 632 uncut counters. The scale is 2-3 miles per hex and 3-5 days per turn.


The sequence of play has the Germans moving before combat but the Soviets moving after combat, which is intended to reflect the more rigid Soviet doctrine. Soviet artillery is more effective than German, with only German units being disrupted by barrages. Morale is important. Also important to the German side is communications; units that are not in communication with their HQ cannot move.



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