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Carthage : The 1st Punic War

Number: 2




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Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Un-Punched      1 to 2 Players     

Excellent unpunched copy, content is in great condition basically unused like new inside. Box has only minor ware to it.

Designer Richard Berg's "The Ancient World" series moves to a more ambitious level, with Carthage, the first of two games on The Punic Wars, the greatest event in the ancient world and a true turning point in history. Carthage concentrates on Punic events that take place in Carthage/Africa as well as Sicily, with the main event being the massive 1st Punic War, which has received scant attention from the hobby. Building on the popular mechanics and systems of Rise of the Roman Republic, Carthage features the full, advanced naval system, with galley battles, fleet building expanding ports, and everything featured in the unusual, truly naval war that the 1st Punic War was. In addition, we have done much work clarifying the political system, adjusting some of the troublesome rules, and making sieges and raids more than just sideshows. Carthage's main scenario is, of course, the 1st Punic War, a 20-year affair that will take some time to play but keep you entranced for years. However, we have also included short, one-evening scenarios, including the playtester one-turn favorite "Hiero; Hero or Gyro?", the twisty opening year of the 1st Punic War. We also have short scenarios for Regulus's invasion of Carthage during the 1st Punic War, the infamous Mercenary War that erupted in Carthage right after the war, and the first invasion of Carthage itself in 311 BC, by the infamous Tyrant of Syracuse, Agathocles. Carthage contains one full;-sized map: the slightly redone Italy map (we've expanded riverfs to a three-tiered system and corrected some tangential map errata), plus a half map for Carthage/Africa. The 980 counters include every Roman magistrate of the era plus lots of Libyans, Numidians, Iberians, Celts … if they were there, they're here. Also part of the package is an expanded group of play-aid charts, prompted by playtester insistence, to help keep track of the many details that campaigning can require. Designed by Richard Berg and Developed by Alan Ray, Carthage will, again, feature the magnificent graphics of Mark Simonitch and Roger MacGowan. Components: 1 22" x 33" Game Map (AW Map: IT [Italy]) 1 17”x22” Game Map (AW map: CR [Carthage]) 3 Full Counter Sheets (840 counters) 1 Half Counter Sheet (140 counters) 2 Tables and Charts Folders (4-sides each) 1 Advanced Naval Rules Charts & Tables Card (2-sides) 1 Roman Political Charts & Tables Card (2-sides) 1 Carthaginian Political Charts & Table Card (2-sides) 1 Carthaginian Political and Manpower Display (1-side) 1 Roman Army/Fleet Display (1-side) 1 Carthaginian Army/Fleet Display (1-side) 1 Roman City/Port Display (1-side) 1 Carthaginian City/Port Display (1-side) 1 Basic, Ancient World Rules Booklet, v.2.0 1 Carthage Rules Booklet, v.1.0 Designer Richard Berg's

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