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Ironclads Expansion




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Product Description

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Excellent condition un-punched copy.

This is an expansion kit for the Ironclads tactical level game of naval combat in the period 1860-67. It features the ironclads of the major European powers, The Battle of Lissa in 1867, Farragut at New Orleans in 1862, the Chilean-Peruvian War of 1879, and the 1866 Battle of Helgoland.

This is not a complete game by itself. It is intended to be integrated with the Ironclads parent game. Rules cover: forts, mines, spar torpedoes, aimed gunfire combat, boarding melee, sharpshooters, ammunition types, increased powder charges, increased grape shot loads, entrenchments, fire rafts, grappling, heavy booms, light hulks, electric torpedoes, mortar schooners, super heavy vessels as well as the transport and combat of infantry, field artillery and cavalry units.

300 die cut unit counters
Advanced combat results tables
One rules booklet
Specification cards for 88 classes of ships and forts
Complexity: high
Solitaire Suitability: high

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