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North German Plain (No Magazine)

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Game only unpunched in very good condition

"North German Plain" is one of several games in the Central Front Series published by SPI/3W in the 1980s. "North German Plain" appeared in the February 1988 issue of Strategy & Tactics magazine #117. Both the game and series depict the early days of World War III in West Germany. Combat is conducted at the company, battalion, and regiment level, with a map scale of 4 km per hex. The map covers the North German Plain and includes the major West German cities of Hamburg and Bremen.

"North German Plain" was the first game in the renewed Central Front Series, and marks a return to more conventional game mechanics. As with most modern warfare games, "North German Plain" includes rules for airpower, airmobile operations, and chemical warfare. The game has a single scenario, "Drive on the Channel Ports", which depicts a surprise attack by the PACT Northern Front.

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