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Road to the Rhine




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Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Un-Punched      2 to 3 Players     

Product condition: used

Excellent condition un-punched copy, some damage to one side of the game box (repaired)

This is a simulation of the post-Normandy campaigns from September 1st, 1944 to April 1945 on the West front. The game covers the initial attempts by the Allies to maintain the pace of their advance in the face of a rapidly deteriorating logistical situation, the German recovery culminating in the Battle of the Bulge, and the final Allied drive across the Rhine.

Scale is "grand operational" with division and brigade/regiment-size ground units and air wings. Hexes are 7 miles across, turns are weekly.

Combat mechanics are quite standard and typical for a game of this era, but the sequence of play is very flexible and arguably far ahead of its time - multiple impulses within each player turn triggered by supply expenditure, and interspersed with reserve movement and combat phases. There are also rules for airborne assaults, commandos, air support, specialized armor and many more.

Combat is odds-based with shifts and strength modifiers but no DRMs. Logistics are very important in play, with port capacity driving how many units you can operate at full capacity.

There are 5 scenarios including the full campaign game.

480 counters, 2 22x28" maps, 22 pages rulebook, 4 player aid cards.

Medium complexity, low stacking, some book-keeping, suitable for solitaire play and 3 players.

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