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1870: The War Against the Empire




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Product Description

Theme:      Solitaire      Franco-Prussian War     

1870 is a grand-operational game on the first month/phase of the Franco-German war, in which the combined armies of Germany overwhelmed the martial forces of Napoleon III in a lightning campaign of opportunity and maneuver taking only a month to overthrow the Second Empire. 1870 is heavily inspired by SPI’s Wilderness Campaign, Mark Simonitch’s US Civil War and the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series.

  • Units are SP, Corps and Army HQs.

  • HQs have an ATK Bonus, DEF Bonus, and Movement Allowance

  • In-hex combat | Defensive Chassepot fire | German Artillery Bombardments

  • Leader Casualties, Fatigue, Disruption, Demoralization, and Exhaustion Statuses

  • Part of the 2140 series, no more than 140 counters with a 22x17 inch map of France.


Design by Ray Weiss

Developed by Matt Ward

Counters by Ivan Caceres

Map by Ilya Kudriashov


WEIGHT: 7/10

SOLO: 8/10


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