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1987: On to Kaliningrad!




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1987_Map Sample

Product Description

Theme:      Solitaire      WW3      Reduced to Clear     

1987 is a hypothetical game on WW3 based on the original objectives of the 1914 invasion of East Prussia, on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union. The order of battle for both sides is drawn from records from the 80s, and the tactical situation is complex given the absence of major NATO ground forces such as the US, France, England etc. 1987 uses the same rules as 1950 with several changes in both scale and mechanics to reflect the tactical situation.

1987 includes rules for tactical nuclear strikes, refugees, political objectives airmobile units, and more. Admittedly, there is little historical basis for this tactical situation given Kaliningrad came under Soviet control after WW2 and the major players in NATO were ready at a moment’s notice to cooperate, as they did during the Balkan wars of the 90s. This situation is only possible if we assume that the major member nations of NATO have isolated themselves and are reluctant to commit.

A copy of 1987 includes:

1 22x17” map

140 .5” counters

2 8-sided dice

1 Rulebook

WEIGHT: 8/10



Game & Counters by Ray Weiss

Developed by Matt Ward

Map by Ilya Kudriashov

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