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Armored Knights North Afrika: Operation Venezia




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Solitaire     

This game is the follow on and expansion to Armored Knights North Afrika - Operation Crusader. The game does not include any maps and therefore you need to have Crusader to play it.

The Commonwealth and Axis sides have taken a breather after the successful advance by the Afrika Korps in February to the Gazala Line. They have built up considerable forces and by the end of May are ready for major combat operations. Rommel gets his attack off first and makes for the fairly predictable plan of maneuvering down under the Gazala Line and then up toward the coast to cut off the Commonwealth infantry manning the Gazala Line boxes. Rommel was caught a bit by surprise in not understanding how powerful the new Grant tank was and how they would affect the performance of his own panzers. After the initial advance the Axis forces were cornered in the 'Cauldron' and spent a few days making the position impregnable, clearing away the 150th Brigade box, and then springing out to destroy the majority of the Commonwealth armor and move to the coast and then on to Tobruk.

These German Panzer forces, and to some extent the British Armor Brigades, are the strongest you will ever see in concentrated form. You will enjoy maneuvering and fighting this battle with the possibility of never having the same outcomes as the Armored Knights game system provides a variable strength and die roll modifier table that never lets a player know exactly how well his troops will fight an engagement.

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