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Braveheart Solitaire Bookgame (2nd Edition)




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Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books      Solitaire     

You are in command of the Scottish armies in their bid for independence from the English Monarchy.

Lead your people to freedom as they cheer your name “Braveheart!”

The English outnumber your army in both battles so your decisions require some outstanding leadership if you expect to win the day, the decisions are yours…

Braveheart Solitaire has 24 games where you take the role of William Wallace or Robert the Bruce against an opposing English army. Twelve games are on the Battle of Falkirk where the English crushed the Scots and twelve games are on the Battle of Bannockburn, a brilliant Scottish victory.


All you need to provide is a die, a pen, and a sense of adventure to play.

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