StarSoldier (1977)




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Theme:      Sci Fi     

Product condition: used

Good condition punched copy

A tactical level simulation of combat between a small number of StarSoldiers, powerful future warriors - shades of Starship Troopers. Firmly rooted in SPI wargaming - along with the usual complexity and breadth of rules. One notable thing about the game is that it has simultaneous plotted movement - manageable since each player only controls 3 - 12 warriors. There are many scenarios and a campaign as well.


One Rules Booklet
One Sheet of Die-Cut Counters (400 Pieces)
One 22" x 34" Game Map
Two Level Record Charts
Two Dice

Complete, contents are in good condition (counters are punched and sorted in the box), the game box is in fairly good condition for age (shows some minor signs of wear & tear).