The Last Stand: Little Big Horn June 25, 1876 (Boxed)




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Product Description

Theme:      Other C19      Solitaire     

Boxed Version.

The Last Stand is an introductory-level, solitaire game of the first day of the battle of The Little Bighorn which took place on June 25-26, 1876 between the U.S. Seventh Cavalry and Native American Warriors of several tribal nations gathered at the Little Bighorn River. The Player controls the Cavalry side and solitaire rules control the Warrior side. The game can also be played as a two-player game.

Game Components:

  • Four-Page Rule Book
  • One Game Map 25.5" X 11" 
  • 96 Counters and Markers
  • One Player Reference Sheet 

Game Features:

  • Native American and US Cavalry Leader Units
  • Rush and Fire (Ranged) Combat
  • Activated Tribal Encampments
  • Twelve Seventh Cavalry Company Units
  • Four Second Cavalry Company Units
  • Warrior Counters for Seven Tribal Nations (Ogala, Uncpapa, Cheyenne, Brules, Sans Arc, Miniconjou, and Blackfeet)
  • Native American Scouts
  • Mounted and Dismounted Cavalry Status
  • Cliff, Ford, and River Crossings
  • Cavalry Morale Check
  • Two Gatling Gun Counters
  • Baggage Train Counter
  • Historical Scenario Plus Four Additional Scenarios