The Roads to Hal (Napoleon's Last Gamble Expansion Kit II)




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Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

New expansion kit for Napoleon's Last Gamble.

Historical Background:

On June 14th, Wellington learned that Napoleon’s invasion of Belgium was imminent. Intelligence reports had confirmed that Napoleon was concentrating his Army in the Maubeuge-Beaumont area to the south of Charleroi and Mons. Napoleon could proceed either via Mons to Hal and Brussels or Charleroi to Mont St Jean to Brussels.

Wellington had foreseen both possible attack routes. He had ordered his staff, two months earlier, to survey suitable battlefield positions for both the Hal and Mont St. Jean areas. Wellington was extremely concerned that the master of maneuver, Napoleon, could outflank his position if the battle occurred at Mont St. Jean. A relatively large force (~ 17,000 men) would be positioned at Hal to block that possibility. If the battle occurred at Hal, these troops would first delay and then form a point around which the battle would be fought.

Wellington wanted to have a viable retreat route around the western environs of Brussels if his troops failed to stop Napoleon. The Hal dispositions were one of the key components to protecting his retreat route and lines of communications.

The Game:

This expansion kit adds one 22x34 map (WX) to the battlefield area and will extend from Brussels to west of Hal, overlapping the (N) and (NX) maps. And a 4-page study folder with three scenarios:
• Expanded Waterloo Scenario: June 18th. Allows Napoleon the option of flanking the Mont St Jean position at the risk of freeing up the 17,000-man Hal force.
• The Fields of Hal Scenario: June 17th - 18th. Hypothetical battle in the Hal environs (below). Can Blucher affect the outcome? Wellington believed that this area was the most likely location for the culminating battle, rather than Mont St Jean.
• Extended Campaign Scenario: June 15th - 19th.
Provides Napoleon and Wellington more operational options, with more areas to defend, more room for maneuver (and for error).
In addition, several Turn Record Charts and Anglo-Allied Setup Cards will be provided to account for the added map and associated arrival times on the WX map. No additional counters will be needed.