The Struggle For New France (1754-1762) 2nd Edition




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2nd Edition

In a time of adventure and exploration in the young North American Colonies, competition over land and resources in the fertile Ohio River Valley has spiralled into conflict. This localized clash will expand across the continent and then throughout the world, eventually leading to a global struggle between the French and British empires over their colonial holdings.

Will the British, led by such illustrious generals as Braddock, Mockton and Wolfe, defeat the French and seize Montreal, Quebec and Louisbourg? Or will the French, under the command of Dieskau, Villiers and Montcalm, put an end to the British Ambitions and preserve their foothold in the New World?

In The Struggle for New France: The French and Indian War, all of these events and more are possible as you make the choices that will decide the fate of a continent.


Players: 1-2

Time: 60-90 mins.

Age: 12+


Game Contents

  • 22" x 17" Map
  • 2 Player Aids
  • 62 Poker Sized Cards
  • 176 5/8th" counters
  • 2 D6
  • Rulebook