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En Point Toujours (Always on Point)




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Theme:      Vietnam War      Andy's Picks      2 Players      DTP (Desk Top Published)      Rare and Collectable     

 Very good condition, counters are uncut, No magazine

A tactical wargame portraying French forces in Indochina, 1946-1954.

Units are squads, Heavy Weapon Teams, and individual Leaders, vehicles & guns.

During play, players alternate activating formations under their respective leaders, with each activated unit able to take a single action - commonly move, fire or move 1/2 distance plus fire at reduced effect.

A variety of other actions common to tactical scale games are possible - break down/assemble Heavy Weapons, entrench, etc.

Infantry Combat is resolved on a CRT, with units being 'Stopped', 'Neutralised' (demoralised), Eliminated or losing a step.

Anti-armour combat is resolved by a smaller CRT, using the difference between attack & defence factors such as penetration, armour, terrain, movement, range, etc.

Morale is measured per formation, with reduced efficiency (-1 to all actions, and must roll to activate at all) or even Rout possible after a certain number of losses.

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