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Heroes of the Nam: X-Maps




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Game Series
Nam Example 1-60x80
Nam Example 2-900x1200

Product Description

Theme:      Vietnam War     

Expand Your Heroes of the Nam with X-Maps


What are the X-Maps you ask? X-Maps simply put are larger maps able to be used with our Lock ‘n Load Tactical game series.  X-Maps are the same as our standard maps in every way except they are comprised of larger hexes, which contain nearly twice the area of the standard hexes. X-Maps are 11” x 17” in contrast to the 8.25” x 12.75” dimensions of the standard maps. 

Requirements: Heroes of the Nam is required to use this product.


Heroes of the Nam X-Maps Includes:

  • Seven Color Geomorphic 11 x 17 Maps.
  • One 11 x 17 Player Aid Card.

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