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Vietnam Solitaire Special Edition (Boxed)




Price £48.95
Vietnam Solitaire Rear
Vietnam Solitaire Contents
Vietnam Solitaire Nth Map Section Sample
Vietnam Solitaire Sample Counters

Product Description

Theme:      Vietnam War      Solitaire     

Boxed Version. 

"Our objective in South Vietnam has never been the annihilation of the enemy. It has been to bring about recognition in Hanoi that its objective--taking over the South by force--could not be achieved.”

- Lyndon B. Johnson, Address to Nation, March 31, 1968.

Vietnam Solitaire Special Edition is an area-movement, strategy game. Beside the Original and Special Edition campaign games that cover the entire war, three scenarios are provided: Tet 1968, The Fall of South Vietnam, and The Easter Offensive. In addition, there is a two-player variant. Optional rules are available for Ruff-Puffs and Limited B-52 Effectiveness in Laos and Cambodia. Political Points are used to raise and move troops and conduct some combats. The game features US/ARVN and Insurgency Combat as well as NVA/VC Offensives.

Game Components:

  • 17" x 11" Game Board/Map
  • All Game Charts and Tables Located On Game Board
  • 88 5-8" Square, Thick, Laser-Cut Counters and Markers
  • 4-Page Original Game Rulebook
  • 8-Page Special Edition Game Rulebook
  • 3-Page Easter Offensive Scenario Rulebook

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