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West Front - The West Front of World War One or Two

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West Front

Ardennes '44 - (1st Edition)

Very good punched copy, content is well looked after, counters are bag

Base price: £74.95
Final price: £64.95
13% discount!

Arnhem: Operation Market-Garden September 1944 (Westwall Quad)

Arnhem: Operation Market-Garden September 1944 Mint unpunched, rules,

Final price: £19.95

Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian)

Contents in very good condition,. Box is damaged and worn.

Final price: £39.95

Battles Magazine - Counter-Attack! Arras. Number 2

The battle of Arras on May 21st, 1940

Final price: £34.95

Blitzkrieg : 1940 - Battles of Hannut & Stonne. Number 63

Uses a similar system to VV #7 - Abbeville 1940

Final price: £8.95

Breakout: Normandy

Counters and maps in very good condition. Rules and box are well used.

Base price: £79.95
Final price: £59.95
25% discount!

Fighting Formations: US 29th Infantry Division

In this second volume of Fighting Formations, we feature the US 29th I

Base price: £106.95
Final price: £95.95
10% discount!

Highway to the Reich 2nd Edition : Operation Market-Garden 17-29 September 1944

Contents in very good punched condition. Box has been damaged, but rep

Base price: £125.00
Final price: £110.00
12% discount!

Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden 2nd Printing

A two-player game depicting the Allies’ combined ground and airborne

Base price: £57.95
Final price: £52.95
9% discount!

Operation Grenade : Issue #84. Number 84

Operation Grenade, The Battle for the Rhineland 23rd Feb - 5th Mar '45

Final price: £21.95

Operation Grenade: Issue #84. Number 84

Operation Grenade, The Battle for the Rhineland 23rd Feb - 5th Mar '45

Base price: £21.95
Final price: £14.95
32% discount!

Panzer Battles: Tactical Armored Warfare in World War II = Issue #73. Number 73

Excellent quality unpunched copy. Arracourt, Defense of the Berlin Hig

Final price: £19.95

Panzer Grenadier: Airborne - Introductory 2006 Edition

Airborne is a game involving U.S. Army Paratroopers and the German Weh

Final price: £21.95

Panzer Leader: Tactical Warfare on Western Front 1944-45

Very good condition punched counters Label stuck on front of box

Final price: £49.95

Rumors of War: A Third Reich & Great Pacific War Supplement

Rumors of War is a Third Reich/Great Pacific War Supplement.

Final price: £24.95

Seelowe: The German Invasion of Britain, 1940

Good condition Punched Copy. Box Battered. Seelowe is a hypothetical w

Final price: £17.95

Storm Over Arnhem

Punched Copy in Very Good Condition, Box shows minor damage. This is t

Base price: £54.95
Final price: £47.95
13% discount!

Thunder at Cassino

Very Good punched copy, counters are bagged , content is in great cond

Final price: £74.95

Base price: £15.95
Final price: £8.95
44% discount!

Wacht am Rhein: The Battle of the Bulge

Excellent Condition, Unpunched Copy. A grand-tactical simulation of th

Base price: £164.95
Final price: £139.95
15% discount!

Wacht am Rhein: The Battle of the Bulge (New Edition)

A grand-tactical simulation of the Battle of the Bulge.

Final price: £164.95

West Front: The Campaign in Europe, 1939-1945

May be combined with Lebensraum

Final price: £29.95

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