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Product Description

Theme:      Family Games      Railway     

This new train game from designer Travis D. Hill (Union Station, Reunification) harkens back to the feel of the classic cube rails games of the aughties. Players win shares of railroads at auction, and any shareholder is able to build track for that company across a point-to-point map - one that’s been beautifully realized by artist Donal Hegarty. Every action you take has the potential to increase a company’s value, and as they reach certain thresholds, they pay out dividends. Companies can work together to connect specified pairs of cities, or race to be the first to reach valuable metro areas.

But build and auction carefully! At the end of the game, shares are worthless - it’s only cash on hand that matters in the final tally. Every dollar counts in this charming and winsome game.



17" x 22" mapsheet

48 cards

116 wooden pieces


Note: Play money is required but not provided. 


Game Design: Travis D. Hill

Art: Donal Hegarty

Hex Number: 63

Duration: 60 minutes

Players: 3-5

Solitaire Suitability: Low

Theme: Trains