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Drive on Frankfurt

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Drive on Frankfurt: NATO-Soviet Future Warfare in West Germany, is the theme of the first game published in CounterAttack magazine No.1 (October 1987). One player controls the NATO forces and the other player, Soviet (based on the weapons of the day... 1987).

Points are awarded for control of urban and town centres and for NATO unit losses. The net Soviet points determine the Victory level.

The game is notable for the following rule:

"13.2 Nuclear Weapons - Either player, feeling his position is hopeless, may overturn the game table. He forfeits the game, but we hope he enjoys losing so spectacularly."

Game Scale:
Turn: 12 hours
Hex: 2.4 miles / 4 km
Unit: Battalion/Regiment, with company or platoon specialist units

Game Inventory:
One 22" X 34" mapsheet
One countersheet (200 1/2" counters)
One 20 page rules booklet

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