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Clash of Empires : 1914

Number: 58




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Wargamer Vol.1 No.58 Oct 1986 New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage


Clash of Empires: August 1914 (by Kerry Anderson)

This is a simulation of the beginning of the Great War. Basically a two-player game where one person controls the French and the other, the Germans (a third player can be brought in to control British forces).

The game is open-ended... it continues until one side of the conflict has achieved its victory conditions or a stalemate is reached. To win as the German player you must capture Paris and cut it off from supply for two complete turns. The French must capture two German supply centres to win. Either player may declare a Stalemate if the game lasts longer than 12 turns... a 'marginal' victory may then be calculated based on city control and strength losses.


Designer's Notes - K.Anderson
- for Clash of Empires
For Allah & Christ - J.Gordon
- Knights of Justice (Wgmr-50) replay

M*A*S*H Clarification & Errata
- Struggle for Stalingrad (Wgmr-47)
- Condottieri (Wgmr-54)

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Computer Wargames
- Under Fire (AH)
- The Ancient Art of War (borderbund)

Vietnam: The Strategy of Isolation - G.Hladik
- Game review of Vietnam (VG)

Mightier Than the Sword
- Book reviews

- Delta Force (Task) - J.Burtt
- Rolling Thunder (Group3) - J.Selover

G2 - Hobby News

Good Condition, Unpunched Copy.

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