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Fear God & Dread Nought: Jutland Form 10s




Price £20.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW1     

Jutland Forms provides Form 10s for every ship that fought at that momentous battle. Using the latest harmonized game data and organized by squadron and division, it also includes the Jutland scenario extracted from the High Seas Fleet data annex.

Jutland Forms includes a new rules supplement bringing Fear God & Dread Nought more in line with the harmonized rules standard by replacing chapter eight (damage) and the gunfire modifiers table.

Designed for the loose-leaf format, players can simply replace the old pages with new ones, bringing their rules up to FG&DN 1.1 standard. Jutland Forms is not a complete upgrade, but a quick and easy way to improve these two most important aspects of the game.

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