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Pursuit of Glory: The Great War in the Near East (2nd Edition)




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2nd Edition

Notes on 2nd Edition: Pursuit of Glory: The Great War in the Near East is a sequel to the famous World War I card-driven game, Paths of Glory. Consistently rated in the top 100 war games on board game geek over the last decade, Pursuit of Glory was a 2009 Golden Geek Best War Game Nominee. This game puts you in the driver's seat of the British/Russian alliance or the Ottoman Empire during World War One. Gallipoli, holy war, mutiny, and the Russian Revolution await. Walk in the shoes of men such as Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Enver, and Falkenhayn

The second edition will include:

  • A mounted game board
  • Full-color rules and playbook, including all errata from the last 11 years, as well as the latest rule updates.
  • Two card decks, one for each player, with card clarifications and the latest updates
  • Pieces and counters with all the latest corrections
  • The modified Parvus event card, for a less luck-based entry for the Russian Revolution

    Pursuit of Glory is a stand-alone sequel to Paths of Glory, a card-driven strategy game covering the first World War. Unlike the original game, which focused on the European theater of World War I, Pursuit of Glory focuses entirely on the Great War in the Middle East. Pursuit of Glory uses the same card-driven mechanics and point-to-point of the first game, but with some rules changes and modifications to better simulate the conditions of the war in the Middle East.

    It was designed by Brad and Brian Stock with the permission of Ted Raicer, the designer of the original Paths of Glory.
    DEVELOPER: Philip Thomas

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