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They Shall Not Pass: Verdun 1916 (Playbook Edition 2019)




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Theme:      WW1     

As German stormtroopers surged toward the ancient fortress city of Verdun under cover of massive, days-long artillery bombardments, the French Second Army refused to yield. Its command issued one simple order:


“They shall not pass.”

Many of the dead would never be found, but they numbered over 200,000. It would be one of history's hardest-fought battles and ultimately a decisive one: France would survive despite her horrifying losses, and Germany would not win the First World War.

They Shall Not Pass is a full-sized book about the battle and a complete historical game on the subject including everything you need to play except dice.

The book covers the armies that fought at Verdun and the course of the battle. It has strategy tips for playing the game, and shows how the game relates to history.


The game is a quick-playing simulation by William Sariego covering the crucial first 10 days of the battle. Artillery bombardment and assault combat take place separately. Elite troops have numerous advantages, and morale is a vital component of the game. Game pieces represent regiments and a handful of battalions. Units are rated for morale, attack, defense and movement.

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