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Anzio: The Fight for the Beachhead, 1944 (Folio)




Price £41.95
Anzio The Fight for the Beachhead 1944 Rear
Anzio The Fight for the Beachhead 1944 Contents

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Solitaire     

Folio Version. 

Anzio is a low-complexity, two-player or solitaire game that simulates the first weeks of the battle of Anzio when Allied forces defended and attempted to expand the Anzio beachhead. The goal of the Anzio-Nettuno amphibious landings on January 22, 1944 was to outflank the German Winter Line and open the way to Rome. A major battle of World War Two, the initial landings were unopposed. Instead, the resulting fight developed to keep the beachhead.

Game Components:

  • ​17" x 11" Game Board
  • 41 5-8" Mounted, Die-Cut Counters and Markers
  • 8-Page Color Rulebook

Game Features:

  • Solitaire Rules
  • Off-Map Bombardment
  • Weather
  • German Air Attacks
  • 12 Turns
  • Initiative Checks

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