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ASL: March Madness 2019 The Close Combat Pack




Price £12.95

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

8 Scenarios each hinging on the players engaging in close combat

MM 52: Riverfront Property -- Stalingrad, Russia (ETO) German (A) Russian (D) - 2.9 hrs

MM 53: Muranowska 6 --  Warsaw, Poland (ETO) German (SS) (A) Partisan (D) - 2.2 hrs

MM 54: Lump Holds The Line -- Borisovka, Russia (ETO) Russian (A) German (D) - 3.5 hrs

MM 55: Johnny 1 -- Primsole, Sicily (MTO) German (A) British (D) - 4.2 hrs

MM 56: Wettauk Chaung -- Pinhmi Bridge, Burma (PTO) British (A) Japanese (D) - 2.4 hrs

MM 57: Fortress Vercors -- Pas de la Salle, Vercors Plateau, France (ETO) German (A) Partisan (D) - 2.2 hrs

MM 58: Passing in the Night -- Angaur Island, Palau Islands (PTO) Japanese (A) American (D) - 3.7 hrs

MM 59: Wildcat Bowl -- Angaur Island, Palau Islands (PTO) American (A) Japanese (D) - 8.8 hrs

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