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ASL: March Madness 2020 Full Rulebook ASL Pack




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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

This pack is for those who like scenarios with a little chrome. Not specifically in the form of scenario special rules, but instead for the lesser-used sections of the ASL rulebook. We have rules from Chapter E, F, G and H; plus, lesser known rules for walking wounded, elevated railroads, interrogation and cavalry and the obligatory night. The scenarios take place in a range of environments, two Pacific theater, two Mediterranean theater and two eastern front. There are three large scenarios and five medium sized. Three would be good scenarios for tournaments.


MM60 Liberating Loznica Loznica, Yugoslavia, 31 August 1941. Chetniks are on the attack against the occupying Germans.

MM61 Sandeman’s Charge Northeast of Toungoo, Burma, 23 March 1942. Frontier Force 3 attempts a reconnaissance of Japanese positions in Burma.

MM62 Five-Kopeck Bridgehead Near Dubrovka, Russia, 29 April 1942. The Germans attempt a night assault to seize a bridgehead outside Leningrad.

MM63 The 26th at Troina Troina, Sicily, 5 August 1943. Germans counterattack to retake positions occupied by the advancing Americans in Sicily.

MM64 Galician Getaway Near Iasenivtsi, 22 July 1944. German and Ukranian troops attempt to break out of their encirclement.

MM65 Dieulouard Bridgehead Dieulouard, France, 13 September 1944. German troops attempt to eliminate the American Bridgehead at Dieulouard.

MM66 Brazil’s Here Brazilian troops along with US tank support show their mettle in an attack against the Germans.

MM67 Urdaneta Ambush Urdaneta, Luzon, Philippines, 17 January 1945. American infantry and supporting tanks attempt to take a Japanese held town.

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