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ASL: March Madness 2023 Climb to Glory 10th Mountain Division




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The 10th Mountain Div Pack


MM82 Patrolling The Gothic Line: North of San Marcello, Italy, 13 January 1945. Newly arrived American troops patrol in deep snow. 7.5 Turns.

MM83 Riva Ridge: Mount Cappel Buso, Riva Ridge, Italy, 18/19 January 1945. First major attack of the 10th Mountain in an exciting assault in difficult terrain. 7.5 Turns.

MM84 Mount Belvedere: Mount Belvedere, Italy, 19-20 February 1945. The Americans begin their attack at night against dug-in Germans on the Mount Belvedere – Mount della Torracia ridgeline. Part one of four interconnected scenarios. 9 Turns.

MM85 Hill 1088: Mt. Belvedere - Mt. della Torraccia Ridgeline, 20 February 1945. The Americans continue their attack from Mount Belvedere toward Mount della Torraccia. Part two of four interconnected scenarios. 10 Turns.

MM86 Mount Della Torraccia: Mount della Torraccia, 24 February 1945. The Americans make their final, successful assault against Mount della Torraccia. Part three of four interconnected scenarios. 9 Turns.

MM87 Gebirsjäger & Mountaineers: Mount della Torraccia, 24-25 February 1945. British paratroopers rush to defend crucial defensive positions around their landing zones from a rapid German response. 9 Turns.

MM88 A Medal For G Company: North of Monte della Spe, Italy, 14 April 1945. The Americans are attacking in this scenario where the division won its only Medal of Honor in WW2. 6 Turns.

MM89 Task Force Darby: Villafranca Airport, Italy, 24 April 1945. American 10th Mountain Troops are racing north toward the Alps, mopping up German stragglers in one of the last offensives of WW2. 6 Turns.

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