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Assault on Tobruk




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      2 Players      Tactical Combat     

Assault on Tobruk is a game type simulation of the successful assault by German and Italian forces in North Africa lead by Erwin Rommel on the Allied held fortress of Tobruk in the summer of 1942 ... [It] has an historic scenario and six alternate scenarios covering the actual and potential events at Tobruk. After choosing a scenario one player takes command of the Allied forces and the other player the Axis forces.

Each turn represents 2 hours, each hex is 650 meters, and counters represent company size units.

Description from “The SimCan Newsletter” #2 Fall 1980

From March to December of 1941, the forces of Rommel’s Africa Korps surrounded the Allied held fortress of Tobruk in North Africa but were unable to subdue it. On 20 June 1942, Rommel got another chance to cut off Tobruk as the Allies retreated from the loss of the Gazala battles. This time Tobruk fell and it did so in a swirling action lasting less than a day. Assault on Tobruk depicts this situation.

The map covers the the entire fortress of Tobruk past its perimeter strongpoints in hexes equalling about 670 meters across. Double impulse turns represent 2 hours and most units are of company size. Seven scenarios are provided, one of the historic and the other six examining the various effects of improved Allied command control tactics and artillery coordination as well as alternate attack plans for Axis forces. Assault on Tobruk is a fast playing game of low complexity showing an assault that could very easily have come out differently.

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