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Battle Of The Bulge




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Excellent unpunched copy, content is in great condition, box has minor ware and the odd crease to it.

"All I had to do was cross the river, capture Brussels, and then go on to take the port of Antwerp. The snow was waist-deep and there wasn't room to deploy four tanks abreast, let alone six Panzer divisions. It didn't get light till eight and was dark again at four and my tanks can't fight at night. And all this at Christmas time!" - Sepp Dietrich, Commander, 6th Panzer Army In the coldest winter on record for Western Europe, in one of the most beautiful forests in the world, Hitler launched his greatest gamble - a thrust into the Ardenne aimed at blunting the rapid Allied advance. What he did not anticipate was the resolve of U.S. Paratroopers to hold the line at the besieged city of Bastogne. His gamble failed, and in doing so, opened the door for Allied forces to push into the very heart if Germany. Panzer Grenadier: Battle Of The Bulge lets you re-fight the desperate struggle for control of the Ardenne Forest. This stand alone game is part of the Origins Award nominated Panzer Grenadier series, and includes new maps, units (U.S. & German), and scenarios depicting the fighting from December 16 - 28, 1944.

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