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Clash of Steel

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New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.31 May 1984


Clash of Steel (by Keith Poulter)

This corps level game of the Russian Front in World War II uses the same map as 3W's earlier Sturm Nach Osten (also designed by Coatney).

The double-blind system uses two maps so neither player can see the units of his opponent. Movement is handled by calling out hex numbers when a unit enters into "enemy territory". Players use markers to show the location of enemy units.


Clash of Steel - K.Poulter
- Game System and Strategy
- Examples of play
- Strategic Options & Scenarios - L.Coatney

Challenging the Future
- Review of Assault (GDW) - J.Burtt

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Computer Wargaming - M.McLaughlin, K.Nealon
- NATO Commander (Microprose)
- Germany 1985 (SSI)

A Gleam of Bayonets (TSR)
- Game Review - W.Spitz

- Ortona (SimCan) - L.Zoet
- Air War (SPI/TSR) - J.alsen
- Recon, rpg - J.Burtt
- Johnny Reb, mini - M.Bates
- Alert Force (Close) - J.Vanore
- Charge to Glory (3C) - B.Medrow

G2 / Hobby News - W.Poulter

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