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Death Ride Kursk: 3rd Panzer (2nd Edition)




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New copy damaged in transit. Box lid has minor compression to top corners.


2nd Edition (2016)


The 3rd Panzer game has gone through a considerable upgrade.  Chief among those upgrade item is the map and scenarios.  Those who own the original games and received the upgraded maps and scenarios as part of the incentive program for the IISS PzK games do not need to purchase this game unless you simply want every product in the series.

This game includes the Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements which mean you don’t need to buy anything else to have detailed command and fire support operations if you want them.

3 rd Panzer was not the largest German division involved in the battle.  3 rd Panzer’s mission was to be the left flank guard for the XLVIII PzK.  It was also responsible to cross the Pena River, which was impossible until GD made the crossing further north on a narrower point of the river.  Elements of the 332ID were moved in to 3 rd Panzer’s area in order to allow 3 rd Panzer to close up on GD.  One regiment of 332ID holds the southern bank of the river for most of the battle.  The Division has components of all arms and is an average strength panzer division at this time in the war.  It is organized the same as most panzer divisions.  It has a Panzer Regiment with 1 Panzer Battalion, 2 Panzer Grenadier Regiments each with 2 Infantry Battalions, a Panzer Artillery Regiment with 3 Battalions, a Reconnaissance Battalion, PanzerJager Battalion, Anti-Aircraft Battalion, and Pionere Battalion.  YOU have the ability to task organize the Division to make each Battalion a more potent combat weapon by cross-attaching infantry to the armor and vice versa, or even engineers or recon to these Battalions.  Although the panzer regiment has only 1 battalion it has an organization with companies that 22 tanks each instead of the normal 17.  This helps boost the divisions’ armored component to near around 80 tanks.  It also has 4 companies versus the standard 3 companies.

Units in this game look like:
Red Army Rifle Regiment Elements Fronts

Red Army Rifle Regiment Elements Backs

3rd Panzer - comes with (in Full Color):

  • (4) Map Sections of the Pena River Area of Operations

  • Supplemental Rules Specific to 3rd Panzer

  • Order of Battle Cards

  • Task Organization Charts for Each Major German and Red Army Formation

  • Approximately 1800 Unit Counters and Markers

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