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Death Ride Kursk: Das Reich




Price £210.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Das Reich:  This game is an expansion for Totenkopf.  Totenkopf is required to play this game.  Scenarios for this game start on 4 July and through 13 July.  This game also contains the scenarios for Totenkopf and Leibstandarte that start on 4 July and run through 8 July.

The Box Cover for Das Reich:

Units in this game look like:

Marder        NebelWerf  120mm Mort Katyusha    SU-152

Das Reich comes with (in Full Color):

  • (12) Map Sections of the Das Reich Area of Operations

  • Supplemental Rules

  • (22) Scenario Cards

  • (3) Order of Battle Cards

  • (2) Task Organization Charts

  • 1900 Unit Counters and Markers

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