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Death Ride Kursk: XLVIII Enhancement




Price £46.95
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

The XLVIII PzK Enhancement package builds on the detail of the game system.  Those who own the original games will recognize some of the counters in this package as those from the Maintenance, Logistics, and Air Enhancements.  They have been bundled together similar to the ones from the IISS PzK Enhancement package.

Each game now includes the Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements which mean you don’t need to buy this package in order to have detailed command and fire support operations if you want them.

The specific elements for Maintenance include the chart and track which determine at what level and how long it takes to repair a vehicular unit, and vehicle recovery units which are used to drag the wrecks back to where they need to be in order to have maintenance performed.
As for Logistics there are supply convoys and supply points.  This enhancement is only necessary for those wanting a more detailed picture of how long an organization can last without proper supply.  If you’re not playing a game that lasts more than 3 battle days it is not going to manifest its importance.
And lastly the Air enhancement that is likely the most enjoyable aspect of the package.  It allows you to explore the air campaign in a completely different light.  If you have a team you can make an air commander and that job alone will be lots of fun.

XLVIII Enhancement comes with (in Full Color):

  • Air Operations Charts

  • Logistics Charts

  • Maintenance Charts

  • 600 Unit Counters and Markers

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