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Desert Heat 2nd Ed. Formation Cards




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

The formation cards for the Nations At War Desert Heat are substitutes for the formation counters included already with this game. These formation cards are NOT required to play this game. The formation cards are for players who would prefer using the formation playing cards over the formation counters. The formation cards have a bit additional information showing the formation HQ game factors. There are three hexagons on the card. The green hexagon represents the HQ morale rating, the yellow hexagon command radius, and the grey hexagon represents leadership modifier. Some hexagons have one number and some with two to the left and right of the slash. The numbers to the left of the slash are the HQ full strength factors and to the right of the slash are the half strength.

Requirements: The following game Desert Heat Second Edition is required to use this product to its fullest extent.

Desert Heat Second Edition Formation Cards Includes:

35+ x Standard Player Aid Cards


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