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Duel in the Desert

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New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.51 March 1986


Duel in the Desert (by Erich Faust)

This strategic/operational level game, first published in The Wargamer magazine (#51), is a double-blind simulation of Rommel's campaigns in North Africa during 1941 and 1942.

Neither player can see the map or units of his opponent. The game begins with Rommel's breakout into Cyrenaica in 1941 and continues until either the Allied Torch landings in Nov. 1942 or one side gains a decisive victory.

Movement is handled as in some naval games... by calling out hex numbers of the paths each unit travels. When an enemy is spotted, a marker is placed to indicate location, but not strength. A unit is revealed only when it ends its turn adjacent to an enemy unit.

Control of El Aghiela, Tobruk, and Alexandria determine the level of victory.


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