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Europa Magazine

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books     


- “GR/D BRIEFING” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
- “LET'S NOT COMPROMISE GRAND EUROPA: A Rebuttal to Mark Pitcavage's GRAND EUROPA: The Myths and the Realities” (Commentary) Stephen Strote
- “ALL WE ARE SAYING, IS GIVE WAR A CHANCE!: A Letter to the Editor on the Subject of GRAND EUROPA” (Commentary) James Douglas
- War in the Desert – “IT'S HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME: Libya First” (Strategy) Ben Knight
- “THE 4TH INDIAN INFANTRY DIVISION: The "First" Division of the Indian Army” (Historical) James A. Broshot
- “THE NORWEGIAN S.S. SKI BN OF Fire in the East” (Historical) James R. Willauer
- First to Fight – “INSIDE EUROPA: Designer's Notes for First to Fight Part II - Section A, Germany” (Designer Notes) John Astell
- Scorched Earth – “SCORCHED EARTH: Historical Soviet Deployment Notes” (Historical) Charles C. Sharp
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “OPERATION GROZA: Stalin's Thunderstorm” (Scenarios) Charles C. Sharp
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “DESIGNER'S NOTES FOR OPERATION GROZA” (Designer Notes) Charles C. Sharp
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “THERE'S A SILVER LINING IN EVERY GROZA” (Developer Notes) Jason Long
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “FROM THE EDITOR: What Groza Means to Me” (Commentary) Victor Hauser
- Torch – “MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS: Part II: Point Cities in Northwest Africa” (Variant Discussion) Frank Watson
- Case White – “CASE WHITE: My First Fight” (Commentary) James E. Vandine
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “THUNDER IN THE EAST: A Playtest of OPERATION GROZA” (Commentary) Flavio Carrillo & Jason Long
- “BOOKENDS: Books of Interest to Europa Gamers” (Book Reviews) David Hughes
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth/The Urals – “RULES COURT: The Case of the Rostov Attack” (Discussion) Rick Gayler
- “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership

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