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Europa Magazine : Includes Madagascar Map

Number: 87




Price £11.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books     

Includes a full colour map of Europa Madagascar


- “COMPANY BRIEFING: Project Status Report” (Commentary) Gar Olmstead, Cory Manka and A. E. Goodwin
- “GLORY PLAYTEST REPORT: Samurai Lightning - The Malaya Scenario” (Series Replay) Michael J. Tapner
- “GLORY PLAYTEST REPORT: Samurai Lightning - The Java Scenario” (Series Replay) Michael J. Tapner
- “EUROPA FACTS BEHIND THE COUNTERS: The Italian 88mm & 90mm AT/AA Guns in North Africa” (Historical) Alesandro Massignani & Jack Greene
- War in the Desert/Wavell's War – “EUROPA ORDER OF BATTLE: More Italian AA/AT Units for North Africa” (Variant) Stefan Farrelly
- The Damned Die Hard: Philippines '41 – “GLORY BATTLE SCENARIO: The Campaign for Madagascar” (Scenarios) A. E. Goodwin with assistance from James Broshot, Frank Watson, and Michael Tapner
- “EUROPA/GLORY HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: War in the Outposts - Madagascar” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “GLORY ALOFT: Yokosuka E14Y Reconnaissance Floatplane - "Glen"” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “THE TETRARCH LIGHT TANK” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “THE FIRST LSTs - THE MARACAIBO TANKERS” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “EUROPA FACTS BEHIND THE COUNTERS: 7th South African Brigade Group” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin and Frank Watson
- “EUROPA AT SEA: One War Past Their Prime - HMS Ramillies and the Royal Navy's R-Class Battleships” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “A EUROPA NO_PRIZE CONTEST: The R-Class Battleships in Board Wargaming” (Historical) Frank Watson
Total War – “EUROPA HUMOR: Should Santa Claus be in Total War? - The Designer Replies” (Commentary) John Astell

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