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Korsun Pocket: Little Stalingrad on the Dnepr DAMAGED




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New in shrink copy damaged in transit from publisher. Minor compression to one corner.


This is Jack Radey's update of his original monster game of 1978. Two Soviet Fronts surround a German Army in the Ukraine and a ferocious battle takes place as the Germans try to break the encirclement and the Soviets seek to crush both the rescuers and the beleaguered troops in the Korsun Pocket.



• 12 counter sheets of 200 die-cut backprinted counters each

• four 25 x 38 inch game maps

• six German Order of Battle Charts — III Panzer Corps, VII Corps, VIII Flieger Corps, XI Corps, XLII Corps, XLVII Panzer Corps

• ten Soviet Order of Battle Charts — 1st Ukrainian Front, 2nd Ukrainian Front, 5th Guards Tank Army, 2nd Tank Army, 6th Tank Army, 4th Guards Army, 27th Army, 40th Army, 52nd Army, 53rd Army

• one 24-page Rules Booklet

• one Scenarios Booklet

• one Commentary, History, and Designer’s Notes Booklet

• two double-sided 22 x 34 situation maps (25 January, 1 February, 10 February, one blank for planning purposes)

• two 11 x 17 player turn record track cards

• two player chart and aids cards

• one six sided die

• box

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